REPORTS & metrics


With the Landscape Network brands you know how your advertising performs and what changes might boost results.

Third-party email reports display the number of emails delivered, opened and clicked, as well as other deployment details. Study a heat map’s pictorial representation of the links readers clicked to fine-tune your design and messaging.

The only tool of its kind, the Engagement Report helps you assess the effectiveness of your communication strategies by measuring the exposure and consumption of your messaging – including news articles, press releases, blogs, videos, product listings, webinars, white papers – on our digital platform. AND, you’ll learn how you stack up against your competitors.

Print, Digital, Online: While you receive leads immediately via email, we can provide a summary lead report for the Product Guide, webinars you sponsor, white papers and other programs that require registration.

The number of impressions and clicks your ad received. Impressions are counted only when your ad is in-view.

We can create custom reports based on your advertising program.  ​

Receive website user statistics and demographics.


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