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Podcasts offer a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information and create a deeper relationship with our readers.  With smartphones being the primary source for engagement, it’s easy for people to listen on morning commutes, during exercise and even while on the job!

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In the Grass Roots Podcast, our editorial team takes a dive deep into the trends, business strategies, products and personalities in the green industry.

Grass Cutting

Sponsor An Editorial Podcast

  • Sponsor recognition by the host at the start and the end of the podcast episode as well as in the podcast episode description

  • Up to a 30-second mid-roll ad spot read by the host

Interested in Your Own Custom Podcast Series?

Through IRONMARKETS', formerly known as AC Business Media, EXTEND Connected Content, a comprehensive custom content marketing service, our partners can work with our department to create Sponsored Podcasts Mini-Series or a Sponsored Podcast Series.

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